Unlock the Power of DAO’s: BitDAO-Mantle Merger Creates $2.5B Ecosystem

• BitDAO and Mantle have merged to create the Mantle Ecosystem, a DAO-led web3 ecosystem.
• This merger will combine BitDAO’s existing products, governance, and tokenomics under one brand, Mantle.xyz.
• The proposal was approved by the BitDAO community via an on-chain proposition labeled BIP-21.

BitDAO and Mantle Create DAO-Led Web3 Ecosystem

The world’s largest DAO by treasury size, BitDAO has joined forces with high performance modular L2 blockchain built on Ethereum, Mantle to establish a DAO-led web3 ecosystem called the Mantle Ecosystem. This merger combines all of BitDAO’s existing products, governance, and tokenomics under one brand known as ‘Mantle.xyz’ following the success of an on-chain proposition labeled BIP-21.

Impact of Merger

This merger is said to have streamlined branding and governance while fostering efficient DAO governance and mass adoption of tokenized technology. By unifying their resources under one roof, this merger also creates potential for product development that could lead to faster adoption rates for both organizations among users globally.

BIP 21 Proposal

The passing of BIP 21 is said to have amassed over 2 million votes from members in favor of merging the two entities into a single platform that now houses both organizations’ resources as well as their respective tokens BIT by BitDAO and MAN by Mantle Network respectively under the same umbrella brand – ‘Mantle XYZ’.


The main objectives behind this move are reportedly aimed at furthering product development while simultaneously growing a larger userbase with access to more features than before such as improved scalability options along with enhanced security through increased decentralization in addition to better governance practices for users within the ecosystem itself.


In conclusion, this strategic move seeks out potential growth opportunities for both entities which may enable them to become more competitive in an ever changing digital landscape where new technologies are emerging every day – it remains yet unclear what sorts of products or features will be launched in due time but overall it appears that the combination of these two powerhouses could create something quite remarkable if executed properly going forward based off their initial successes thus far when it comes down to voting mechanisms amongst stakeholders involved within each respective network/ecosystem..