Review: VeChain 2020 Community Video Competition – Finalists & Winners


Earlier this week, the VeChain Foundation announced the winners of its second VeChain community video contest.

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Celebrating the second anniversary of the launch of the main network, VeChainThor, the competition attracted top-level competitors with a total of 3 million VETs (USD 54,000) to share out prizes.

Cointelegraph decided to take a critical look at the ten finalists and eventual winners.

A community of professional filmmakers?

The first thing that strikes you is the overall quality level.

I mean, sure, these are the ten best hand-picked finalists, and maybe the judges had to go through a lot of stuff to get here. But in these ten videos it would seem that almost everyone in the VeChain community works for a professional film or animation company.

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The breadth of ideas in the competition is also impressive. From super slick animations, to artistic drone shots, to time-shifted lecture images, interviews, and even a themed version of VeChain’s Jeopardy!

The latter is one of the few finalists that actually looks like it was created outside a professional studio. It’s a great concept, although ultimately the implementation ended up giving only a bunch of pretty random data about VeChain.

Spreading the word of Mr.

The aim of the competition was, of course, to spread the word about VeChain, and this was also addressed in a number of ways.

We had explanations, although perhaps a little dry, of the main concepts and tones of conversation to present this discovery to a friend. Some videos focused on supply chain efficiency, others on eliminating the risks of counterfeiting.

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We had the benefits of VeChain, from the perspective of the business owners, along with the consumer. One film exaggerated the hyperbole and described Crypto Investor as creating the world’s first „real machine“.

But although the message conveyed differed among the participants, again, almost all the voices sounded as if they had been recorded by professional artists under proper studio conditions.

It seems that the main prize of 1 million VETs motivated the participants to bring out their full potential.