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An innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts and education in the unique historic setting of the former DC prison.

Board of Directors

Workhouse Arts Foundation, Inc.
Board of Directors


  • Chairman:  Tim Rizer*
  • Vice Chairman: Richard Klimoski*
  • Treasurer: Todd Hitt*
  • Secretary:  Linda Evans* 


  • Kip Addison
  • Tracy Betts
  • Caroline Blanco 
  • Anna Lura (Lura) Bovee
  • Ron Devine*
  • Rick Hausler (Immediate Past Chairman)*
  • Charles (Charlie) Joyce (Chair, Development Committee)*
  • Laura McKie (Chair, Workhouse Museum & History Committee)*
  • Matt McQueen
  • Bill Mountjoy
  • Peter Stearns 
  • Daniel Twomey
  • Joyce Watkins 
  • Marc Wishkoff (Chair, Finance Committee)*

    * Executive Committee